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Business / Corporate

Image Copyright: Noel Bass Photography, Headshot Photographer Los Angeles.

Today’s executive and corporate employee is bright and energetic. Gone are the days of stiff company photos that leave your company’s image stuck in the past. Get more up-to-date without losing your professional credibility.

Inquire about custom packages for your company’s next photoshoot. Portable professional lighting capabilities allows practically any set up at your location of business, so you don’t need to lose valuable time at work .

Actors Headshots

Image Copyright: Noel Bass Photography, Headshot Photographer Los Angeles.

Actors in Los Angeles are as much a trademark as the waves to the ocean. What makes one wave stand out over the others is it’s break from the consistent pattern.  The best way to make a splash is to…okay okay enough puns. You get the idea.

Actors can be at the mercy of their head shots, or more specifically the casting agents that look at them. Casting agents start out with a character on paper, then they look for the headshot that might fit that role.

Knowing this, I try and spend as much time as possible discussing the goal of my actor clients before we begin a photoshoot. What roles do you want? How clear are you on your genre of choice? Some people are so dynamic, they need to capture many different looks in order to showcase their range.

Social Networking / Entrepreneurs

Image Copyright: Noel Bass Photography, Headshot Photographer Los Angeles.

It’s the age of social networking. Entrepreneurship has never been more alive than today. This has opened up a whole new genre of headshots for this unique new wave of independent thinkers.

Whether you are a self-employed web designer or you are one of thousands of employees to a tech firm, you are all definitely present and exploring the world of cyber connections.

Get some headshots for your profiles that speak for YOU.



Do I need to hire a make-up artist?


  • MUA’s are great for actors and models who may make use of many of their images.
  • If you only need a select few and plan on having your images edited, MUA’s may be unnecessary.
  • MUA’s are standard for industry, but typically 80% of my clients don’t use MUA’s.


What can I expect to receive from a headshot session?


  • You will receive all the images in high resolution for print and also web resolution for instant internet uploading.
  • Typically, all images will be delivered within a week of the photoshoot.

Rates & Packages

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