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los angeles event photographer

los angeles event photographer

Event Photography

by Noel Bass, Los Angeles Event Photographer (gallery link)

Whether it’s an intimate birthday party or a larger event like a Bar Mitzvah, Wedding, or Corporate event, having an experienced professional photographer will ensure that your event gets the BEST possible coverage.

I’ve photographed events of all kinds, all sizes, and all of them had unique characteristics and requirements. I like to be prepared for each situation so that you can relax and enjoy your event without having to worry about the photography direction.

Many events like the one pictured are held at night in darker rooms. They require the use of low-light lenses and professional grade shoe mount flashes. I use top of the line lenses and require any assistant shooters to have the necessary professional gear to capture your event.

Depending on the event, I also offer a portrait lighting option that offers a quick portrait set-up. This is great for capturing your guests in softened well-lit posed shots. Some events prefer this lighting for red carpet set ups. If this is a corporate event, your business may want to use the images for promotional thank you cards.

Los Angeles Event Photographer 2

Los Angeles Event Photographer 3



Why can the prices be determined by the amount of people at the event?


  • More people typically means more coverage, more photos.
  • Since all the photos are reviewed for enhancement afterward, this can add up the editing hours.

How soon can I get the photos?


  • Typically, all images will be delivered within a week of the photoshoot.
  • If your event requires the images immediately, let me know upfront and we can figure out a way to expedite the process.
  • You will receive all the images in high resolution for print and also web resolution for instant internet uploading.

Can I get detailed photos of my events decorations?


  • Yes, typically detail photos of the setting and event decor is included.
  • It’s best to schedule me to arrive before your event begins if you’d like a lot detailed shots.



Photo Copyright: Noel Bass, Los Angeles Event Photographer