Pricing & Info: Los Angeles Food Photographer

  Food Photography

Photo Copyright: Noel Bass Photography, Los Angeles Food Photographer

Photographing food can be a very challenging task, though obviously very rewarding… yum, chocolate! There are many variables to food photography: The food preparation, decoration, set decor, lighting, positioning and most importantly the coordination to get all these elements to line up before the dish loses shape.These factors determine the pricing of your photoshoot, but not always the quality.

For instance, the photo to the left is a nice shot of a chocolate bundt cake, but it’s not perfect by any means. We only applied a basic enhancement editing on top of a standard studio lighting approach. We didn’t use pin-point lighting because with the amount of items in the baker’s catalog, the budget had to sacrifice certain elements such as professional¬†food stylists or professional set decorators. This is an example of a custom photoshoot where we blended together a couple of price packages to save money and get good results.

That being said, it’s a nice photo but it won’t make the cut for a shot in a magazine. In this situation the photoshoot was for the baker’s website catalog. So he wanted true authentic shots of his product as the customer can expect to see when they take it out of the box.

When you decide to have your food photographed, you should consider what medium the photos will be used for. Is it for a blog? A cookbook? A magazine cover? Product packaging? When you know what medium you want the images to be displayed on, then you can assess the level of attention that you must put into the photoshoot. You must meet or beat your competitors photos, in that medium, especially if you know how much better your product is than your competition.