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Los Angeles Product Photographer

(Product Photography Gallery Below) As a product photographer, I work with many new businesses and many established companies. In both cases, your product deserves images that will showcase it’s worth.

I see it time and time again, on the internet or in ads, great products with terrible photos. It’s hard to look at sometimes. You don’t need to be a product photographer to know when an image doesn’t represent a product well. Yet start ups make the mistake all the time. I do understand the reasons why many overlook this mistake.

Most businesses design a product and build a company around it. Often times all the energy and attention is focused into the product itself. Many don’t put enough thought about the fact that unless you get  your product into your customer’s hands, they’ll want to see photos of it before they buy it. If your photos look unprofessional, then the natural reaction from a possible consumer is to discredit the company.

That being said, as a product photographer, I think about your competitors. I want you to succeed. I want to go the distance with you as your product grows. I just assume your competitors are having their products professionally photographed and edited . If you haven’t figured it out yet, great photos WILL get your product into your consumers hands.

Think of your product as needing a visual voice. Contact me. Tell me what you’re looking to accomplish. Let’s get the images that speak for your product.

I love this quote: Benjamin Franklin, inventor and American legend, once said, “Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?”



Do I drop my products off to you, or do you come to me?


  • Either one. I can set up a studio type photoshoot nearly anywhere, provided there is space.
  • The advantage of dropping off your product, frees up your workspace if you own a retail store .

How soon can I get the photos?


  • Typically, all images will be delivered within a week of the photoshoot.
  • If your project requires the images immediately, let me know upfront and we can figure out a way to expedite the process.
  • You will receive all the images in high resolution for print and also web resolution for instant internet uploading.

I need sort of a blend of different images including product photos and storefront photos. How do we price this?


  • The best way is to give me the details. I’ll breakdown the pricing and we can adjust from there.
  • Storefront photos and atmosphere photos sell an image rather than a product. We can discuss how to get the best results for both uses.